Our Products come with a wide range of accessories to customize your specific applications. These innovative machines offer high performance, long life, ease of use and low cost in its class. The quality and reliability of our products and services make the foothold of our success in the industry. At each stage of our business operations, we follow stringent quality control measures to ensure no substandard products right from proCurement stage itself. To achieve International quality standards, we have a quality control department comprising of experienced QC professionals. These experts carry out regular QA checks during various stages in our operations. So as to ensure the quality of the product we take our products from world’s best manufactures. Some of the companies which we source our equipments are:

Annovi Reverberi Spa Italy-The Power of experience

High pressure pumps since 1958. State of the art solutions, with a heritage that has its roots deep in tradition and artisan culture. A constantly developing company. A success story in Italy, Europe, and all over the world. A reliable partner, always putting mutual collaboration at the forefront in relations with customers who found that putting their trust in the company paid off.

Product quality, acknowledged by the Sincert UNI EN 29001 and ISO 9001 certification, is constantly being renewed. Quality in fact, for Annovi Reverberi, isn’t just the final goal, but in particular must also be the primary factor in a series of stages that result in the final product. The product is only considered ready for series production after it has passed a long series of tests. Furthermore, the ability to find fast and suitable solutions with reference to professional production and Large-Scale Distribution shows how the company not only invests in its product but also in the constant and continuous development of customer relations.

GHIBLI Spa Italy

Ghibli Spa, since 1968, one of the leading manufactures of wet/dry vaccum cleaners. 20% of the production is for italian market, 80% goes worldwide destinations. Years of experience, the constant development of new technologies and the dedication to quality and service have been the secret behind the success. Ghibli has grown steadily, one step at a time and because of that, their commitment to clients has been uncompromised. Their products are certified by the main Safety Standard Institutes. Their Quality Control System is in accordance with the UNI-EN ISO 9001:2000 regulations

Dari of FINI

Compressed air is a source of ‘clean environment-friendly energy’. With this in mind, Fini has been developing solutions and systems for 50 years. Fini compressor Spa was founded in 1952. In over 50 years of development and entrepreneurial experience, the company has become one of the most important European firms in the compressed air industry

Their quality system has been recently updated and compiles with ISO 9001:2000 as certificated by TUV. The entire production cycle is realized entirely in FINI establishment: design, purchases, machining, assembly, inspection, packaging and delivery. Every product, realized in compliance with the regulations in force, is scrupulously followed in all of the phases of this proCess by trained, qualified staff, inorder to guarantee that all specific qualitative and functional tests are passed. To demonstrate the attention dedicated to quality, in 1996 FINI decided to certify its company management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Standards, which has as its main objective orientation of activity proCess towards customer requirements and continuous impoverment.